Country Liaisons

EMEUNET is growing and we now have a Liaison for every country in Europe. Country Liaisons contribute to the spread of EMEUNET. With their help, we hope to reach the vast majority of young rheumatologists and researchers across Europe.

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Country Liaison Activities


Promoting EMEUNET at the National Bulgarian Rheumatology Meeting

The Bulgarian Rheumatology Conference took place in Golden Sands, Varna, Bulgaria, from May 31st to June 2nd 2019. Our Bulgarian Country Liaison Rositsa Dacheva (in the picture) did an excellent job in promoting EMEUNET at the national Bulgarian Rheumatology Meeting this year! Her presentation, entitled “10th anniversary of EMEUNET”, had the great opportunity of closing the National Bulgarian Conference, with a particular large attendence. In the same session, our Ukrainian Country Liasion Olena Zimba presented the emergent importance of social media channels for rheumatologists.


Promotion of EMEUNET during National Rheumatology Meetings in France

In France two annual meetings are of particular importance for any Rheumatologist; the first one is the Congress of the French Society of Rheumatology and the second is the meeting of the French National days of Rheumatology.

Our French Country Liaison Jean-Guillaume Letarouilly (in the picture) did an excellent job in promoting EMEUNET at the French National days of Rheumatology this year! #JNR2019 @JGLetarouilly





Promotion of EMEUNET in Ukraine during the National Congress in Kiev

Olena Zimba, the CL for EMEUNET in Ukraine advertised EMEUNET in March 2019 at the National Congress in Kiev (Bogomolets National Medical University). She presented a talk about Social Media Platforms for Rheumatologists. This was a chance to spread information about the benefits of being part of the EMEUNET Community. This workshop was well-attended by young rheumatologists and fellows from different regions of Ukraine. After the conference, information about her presentation and promotion of EMEUNET were provided on the website of her medical University (Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University).

In the picture Prof. Oleg Iaremenko, the Chair of the Department of Internal Medicine (4th from left), Olena (2nd right) with young rheumatologists.



EMEUNET introduced to Portuguese Fellows

Our Country Liaison for Portugal, Flávio Costa, promoted EMEUNET during the 2nd edition of the Course to second-year Portuguese Fellows. The event was attended by 15 fellows, who were in their second year of training in Rheumatology. It was an initiative organized by the Portuguese National Society (Sociedade Portuguesa de Reumatologia). The aim of the course was to promote first contact with rheumatology, addressing topics such as rheumatologic examination, major complementary exams, metrology and drugs used in the treatment of rheumatic diseases. Flávio promoted EMEUNET with a 15 minutes presentation.



Promotion of EMEUNET in Germany

EMEUNET was actively promoted in Germany by our Country Liasion Johanna Mucke. Johanna promoted EMEUNET to young fellows in Germany in a recent meeting in January 2019. This meeting was organized by the rheumadocs, an association of young german rheumatologists.