Mission Statement

EMEUNET is a network of young clinicians and researchers in the field of rheumatology in Europe. The principal objectives of EMEUNET are as follows:

1) To enhance the quality of education among emerging rheumatologists and researchers through:

  • The provision of dedicated content on the EMEUNET Website, Facebook, Twitter and regular Newsletters
  • A network of Country Liaisons responsible for communicating EMEUNET projects/activities and documents to the national societies, and particularly to young trainees and researchers in EULAR member countries
  • EMEUNET initiated courses and mentoring projects
  • EMEUNET Observers, recruited yearly from among EMEUNET Working Group Members on the Standing Committees of EULAR
  • Participation in EULAR task forces for the development of EULAR recommendations
  • Contribution to the planning of sessions at the EULAR Annual Congress together with the EULAR Standing Committee for Education and Training (ESCET)
  • Close collaboration with the School of Rheumatology, representing the voice of young rheumatologists and researchers

2) To promote research and create collaborations among emerging rheumatologists and researchers by:

  • Establishing a database of young rheumatologists involved in research and of researchers working in the field of rheumatology
  • Supporting exchange of methodologies, technical data and knowledge as well as dissemination of documents between emerging researchers, through the EMEUNET Website, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Organizing together with Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases and Rheumatic & Musculoskeletal Diseases the peer-review mentoring program
  • Creating a database on institutions (clinical and/or research) at an European level to provide young rheumatologists/researchers with useful information and foster exchanges and collaborations
  • Promoting networking at social events held at the EULAR and ACR Annual Congress
  • Organizing mentor/mentee meetings between EMEUNET members and leaders in the field at the EULAR and ACR Annual Congress
  • Establishing collaborations with other organizations of young specialists with whom rheumatology has natural borders